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Phoenix VA Hospital shows appreciation for veterans ahead of holiday

Phoenix VA Hospital

Phoenix VA Hospital Hosts Event to Support Veterans' Health and Well-being

As Veteran’s Day approaches, the Phoenix VA Hospital is working to make sure its vets know there is help out there for them.

On Saturday morning, a parking lot at the hospital was filled with veterans not just coming for direct care, but to learn how they can access care. Both COVID And flu vaccines were offered as well as plenty of different services to help veterans with any health needs.

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“It means a lot to me, the support we get for women veterans is very, very important. It makes us stand out to know that we are noticed and that we are cared for,” said Gwendolyn Jones, an Army veteran.

The second "Vets-Giving" event, a mix of Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving, aims to help veterans and staff get out and be appreciated for all the work they’ve done.

“This is just one way to show how when we put all our resources together, how we can really celebrate and enjoy the time outside of work for staff, to really come and connect with veterans and give them the security that they need to come in and seek care,” said Stacey Scherpf, the associate director of operations for the Phoenix VA Health Care.

The Phoenix VA also gave out 1,000 turkeys to veterans ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.